English Champions Manchester United

Manchester United winning the record 19th title in English Premier League under Manager Sir Alex Ferguson

Edwin Van der Ser making a Fabulous save

Manchester United former goal keeper Edwin Van der Ser making a acrobatic save against title rivals Chelsea

Gabriel Agbonlahor Celebrating

Aston Villa striker celebrating with his home crowd after scoring a goal at Villa Park against Everton.

European Champions Barcelona

Barcelona won the Champions League finals against Manchester United in 2011 and the team is celebrating the victory with the trophy.

Real Madrid's Kaka Penalty

Spanish giants Real Madrid match against Athletic Bilbao and playmaker Kaka scoring a goal from the penalty spot.

Jun 24, 2014

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May 15, 2014

Womens Boxing Protective equipments

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Feb 28, 2013

Boxing equipments makes you feel easy

Boxing is a forceful sport that requires great protection phase. Its training session can be a great way to socialize, keep fit, maintain and improve your fitness levels. Perhaps, the most significant thing a boxer needs to have sooner than stepping into the ring is the safety accessories. Having the right kind of equipment is very essential.

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Boxing Safety Accessories
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Feb 7, 2013

Athletics Shoes and its types

When you are shopping for athletic shoes it is significant to understand what you are getting and why there is so much importance on the type of shoe. Designers have taken into deliberation the fact that people want relieve but their feet need different types of needs depending on the sport they play.

Athletic shoes
Athletic Shoes

This type of shoes supports a broad variety of shoes that fit particular sports. There are several kinds including running walking, training, hiking and jogging. To find the best walking shoe you will want to ensure that it has enormous shock absorption.

Also, a rocker sole will make sure that you your foot is permitted to roll correctly when you are walking. If you are looking for a shoe for jogging, you want a relaxed cushion, stability in the heel, good reaction and it should be light weight and have air vents so your foot will breathe.

Track and Field shoes

These shoes will be used for football, soccer or baseball. For this type you will need something that is studded, spiked or cleared and you will need amazing that is comfortable but also has separable or replaceable parts.

Although athletic shoes are very significant for the definite sport you are playing many people want something they can wear all the time, and there are a variety of department shoes.
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Feb 4, 2013

Cricket news: Winners and Losers of Pepsi IPL Auction 2013

Glenn Maxwell (Mumbai Indians $ 1 million)

The lone million-dollar man at the IPL auction, Glenn Maxwell was playing for Australia against the West Indies as the news would have filtered through. Obviously his performances went up after being valued at a million, ultimately picking up 4 wickets in the Australian victory in the 2nd ODI. Glenn Maxwell's stock has risen over the past year, and has found himself a place in the Australian Test squad for their tour of India. He was a steady fixture during the World Twenty20 campaign and the 24-year-old is primed to serve the Mumbai Indians in IPL 6.

Ajantha Mendis (Pune Warriors $725,000)

He may no longer be a secrecy to batsmen, but Sri Lankan spinner Ajantha Mendis possess match-winning abilities as he established at the T20 World Cup. Mendis previously played in the IPL in 2008-09 for defending champions Kolkata Knight Riders. Mendis was a rather revelation sought-after player but ultimately went for $725,000 to big-spenders, Pune Warriors India.

Abhishek Nayar (Pune Warriors $675,000)

Having recently tasted Ranji success with Mumbai, Abhishek Nayar's year just got a whole lot better after being the recipient of a $675,000 successful bid from the Pune Warriors for IPL 6. The southpaw is a veteran of the IPL, having previously represented Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab. He has been a key player in first-class cricket in the past few seasons, averaging 57.16 with the bat and 30.02 with the ball.

Thisara Perera (Hyderabad Sunrisers $675,000)

The Sri Lankan all-rounder is a power-hitter with the bat and can pitch in with the ball as well. He has represented Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and the now-defunct Kochi Tuskers Kerala in past seasons of the IPL but has flattered to mislead. The burden of his price tag will be on Perera's shoulders as will the responsibility of playing for the newest IPL side. Thisara Perera is on his last IPL legs and he will be pressured to deliver.

Christopher Morris (Chennai Super Kings $625,000)

There was a moment during the IPL auction where one would have been forgiven to assume that the bidding was for either Ricky Ponting or Michael Clarke. Yet it was the unheralded Chris Morris, with a cheap base price of 20,000, who sent the franchises into a tizzy. Mumbai Indians, Hyderabad Sunrisers and Chennai Super Kings fought with their batons, with Chennai placing the winning $625,000 bid. Morris will join his fellow Saffer Albie Morkel at the most successful side in IPL history.

Aaron Finch

The Player of the Series in the 2012-13 season of Australia's Big Bash League, Aaron Finch was a shocking non-candidate for franchises at the IPL auction. Finch has recently found his way into the Australian ODI side and is in a rich vein of T20 form. The fact that no team was ready to pay his rather low base price of $200,000 raises more questions than answers.

Matt Prior

With his recent experience of playing in India, one would have assumed that prior would have been an automatic selection for any franchise. He is one of the top keepers in the world and can clear most grounds with his stroke play. But with every franchise boasting a recognized keeper, prior will need to wait until next year’s IPL, to have a shot at the T20 extravaganza.

Vernon Philander

despite being the second fastest player to reach 50 Test wickets, no permit determined to take a punt on South African pace sensation Vernon Philander. Among the many surprises of the day, Philander was stamped 'unsold' while many rookie pacers commanded some exorbitant fees. To counter however, Philander rarely features for the Proteas in the limited-overs formats, with his talents focused solely in the Test arena.

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Jan 25, 2013

Cricket news: Pepsi IPL player auction 2013 to take place on February 3

The IPL Player sale 2013 will be held on Sunday, February 3, 2013, at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, and a media release said. The proceedings will begin at 11:00 am. The public sale will be conducted by Richard Madley, a specialized auctioneer from England who has behavior each of the previous IPL player auctions. The events will be telecast live on SONY SIX.

"The Dutch auction signals the start of the sixth season of what has been an occurrence. The 2013 version of the IPL will feature a new title support - PEPSI - and a new team - SUNRISERS HYDERABAD. It will be attractive to see how the Franchises go about bolstering their respective line-ups prior to the contest.

The development during the auction will be followed by fans from all over the country, and overseas, who cannot wait for the action to begin," Rajeev Shukla, Chairman, IPL, said. The aperture match of the Pepsi IPL 2013 will take place on 3 April 2013 in Kolkata.

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Jan 8, 2013

All about Punching bags and it’s interesting facts

Working out with punching bags is one of the most excellent full-body workouts you can engage in. A heavy bag workout practice can develop skills that come in handy. Nonstop punching is tiring, it’s improved to break your workout into rounds. Boxers use three minute rounds with a minute of rest in between.

If a person is spends time punching a heavy bag, he wants to use boxing hand wraps. Punching a heavy bag constantly can cause injuries. A beginner should punch slowly until their hands and wrists adapt to the stress of this sort of high-impact exercise program. Boxing gloves are also significant. While hitting the punching bag, boxing gloves will allow you to hit the bag harder lacking fear of bruising your knuckles. Weight of a pair of boxing gloves can add some resistance to the punches. Gloves can give you a good workout.

Punching Bags Training
Punching bags is an exceptional way to improve one’s health state. It is great for your emotional health and a great stress buster. Besides health benefits it has a bonus benefit. If you hit punching bag at random you will gain some power and improve your physical conditioning. You can improve your combating skills if you use certain techniques. There are various types of bags that have different sizes, shapes and prices to contain to the needs of everyone.

Big punching bags can train your jabs and uppercut punches. A big bag has lot of battle which can give you more intense training and a sensible feeling of beating up a person thus improving your strength. Small bags can improve your suppleness and quick response. While hitting a small bag, it swings, hits the ceiling and comes back fast.

Jan 7, 2013

Important Technique in Shot put - Rotational

Shot put is a game which is actually demanding and hence, one must go through a warm up meeting before playing the actual game. The warm up session can include exercises such as skipping, running and make bigger which can help to loosen the muscles of the player and get him ready for the exhausting activity.

The rotational shot put technique is a complex one and is normally effort by the experts in the game. In this method, the athlete throwing the shot has to place his important leg at the middle of the ring. The other leg swings and turn the body and when it is planted, the other leg do again the same process. After this the participant throws off the shot.

Shot put  Technique
Proper shot put techniques can be learned by taking education in this game from a reputed coach. Any one can rules the glide and the spin technique with regular carry out and hard work. Try to growth your show at every spirited event to become a good shot put player.

Young competitors, other than start shot putters, will obviously settle to the more direct glide technique. Most world class male throwers like Christian Cantwell use the rotational shot put technique. For example, the shot put throwing circle is smaller, requiring a tighter turn. But the main difference contains the implement itself. While the discus is held at the end of an extensive throwing arm, the shot ruins close to the thrower’s neck near the middle of the rotation creating steadiness more difficult.